Bottle Message Enhancements


Bottle Message


Prepare a special message for

your loved one, email it to us,

and we take it from there!


We transfer it to parchment

scroll paper, roll it, tie it with

decorative ribbon, and seal it with a cork in a clear glass

wine bottle.



Sometime during the cruise, the bottle magically appears next to your guest.


This is Gondola Adventures' Signature Surprise --

everyone loves to get a Message in a Bottle!







Bottle Message Decorative Box

Your special occasion bottle message will be treasured forever in this keepsake box. This beautiful wooden box with trunk-like decorations will cradle your special bottle and message so you can display and treasure it for years to come. The box comes with a sheer organza bag to hold your custom bottle and message.


Please note: the bottle message as described above is sold separately.




Bottle Message $35.00
Bottle Message Decorative Box (sold separately) $39.95



Rates do not include sales tax