Dessert Cruises





Delicious desserts with a choice of

a bottle of sparkling cider, plain water, or hot cocoa.


(Bring your own wine or champagne for a service fee)






Delectable Dessert Cruise (one hour) (two guests included) $195.00
  Additional guests (each) $32.50
Delectable Dessert Cruise Plus (90-minutes) (two guests included) $245.00
  Additional guests (each) $37.50


All cruises are priced for two guests; additional guest rates are listed
Rates do not include sales tax or gratuity

There will be an additional charge for non-standard pickup and/or drop-off locations

Prices not valid on holidays and Valentine’s Week; please call for these rates



Menu Options



Choose one dessert selection per guest




(cannoli shell filled with sweet ricotta filling,

mascarpone, lemon zest and chocolate shavings)

Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Lava Cake with Frangelico Creme

Panna Cotta (Italian vanilla cream with fresh berries)


Tiramisu (Kahlua infused lady fingers layered with mascarpone cream and cocoa)


Key Lime Mousse with a graham cracker crust




Sunday - Saturday 5:00pm - 9:30pm